Support with diseases such as Kidney disease

I have been on both sides of kidney disease as a PT to Dialysis patients in a nursing home and as a chronic kidney patient. I like it better on the health care provider side however now I am faced with kidney disease myself. 

Since I have seen both sides of it, I can support you to be your advocate in managing the health care western medicine system.It can be overwhelming when you are diagnosed with CKD. Do you know where to get support? What about financial support as well as emotional support? My book Never Say Never Living with Kidney disease from Victim to Victorious which you can find on Amazon will inform you about many things from What kidneys do to Where to find support systems.

When you sign up for coaching with me I can support you in many ways. I have a 5 step process on how to transition from victim to victorious and facts about kidney disease. 

Are you ready for support? Reach out to me and let us chat about it.

Beth Badour

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