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National Transplant Foundation
I received my new kidney on August 28.2022. Fundraising is continuing to support me since I visit the nephrologist every other week and right now expect to do this until  feb. 2023. I continue to need labs drawn to check my blood levels every other week also. Medicines I need to support the new kidney are expensive and there are many of them .Luckily since I am eligible for some charity care it supports me to purchase some of my medications but not all of them. Last year I spent close to $2000 on medications for my kidney alone.
Due to other health issues I will not be returning to my profession as a physical therapist during the next several months and continue to be “disabled “according to the doctors. 
Please consider supporting me through this period of my life. Be one of my anglels. I have given back to society many times during my life and will continue to pay it forward to serve others.
Go Fund Me

Please consider being one of my angels and donating to my cause. I received a new transplanted kidney on August 26, 2022.

I am currently experiencing a few other medical conditions that require medical care and have been hospitalized 2 times in October and November of 2022.

One of the hospitalizations I had a large blood clot in my lung  that was severe and was told the mortality rate was high with this type of blood clot. I will be on medicine for six months after that hospitalization.

Some medication I do receive charity care but I am still concerned ” disabled” and not able to return to my profession as a physical therapist.any time soon. I continue with many tests and physician visits due to these diagnoses.

I appreciate any support that you can find in your heart to help support me during this challenging time in my life.

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My line of clothing is wearable art. My dresses or various accessories and clothing wear are be one of a kind.

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My medium is acrylic and theme are across the board from nature to abstract to holiday themes.

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