Artwork & Jewelery

My Artwork & Jewelry

Art has been a hobby of mine since childhood. I had an art room in my basement when I was growing up. Elie at Elie Studio in Cornelius, NC is where I have had some formal training and some of my art shows. A fun fact, I was even the entertainment at one of my own art shows a belly dancer. 

My medium for most of my paintings is acrylic and my subject varies from nature, to abstract people, flowers, the moon, and water. When I ran out of canvas one today, I decided to paint on silk. I also offer silk scarves and veils for belly dancers.

Jewelry is another area that I have created unique items for purchase. I offer earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and hair clips.

The Knitted Love Child came about when Carol Calvert learned I was knitting unique headbands and selling them on Facebook. I decided to create several different types and styles with knitted flowers(roses)attached as decorations. 

All of my creations help support my kidney fund since I still need a kidney transplant and my medical costs are very expensive.

Dresses and other apparel

To view or purchase my beautiful and unique clothing options please click the link below!


To view or purchase my beautiful and unique Artwork please click the link below!


To view or purchase my beautiful and unique jewelry please click the link below!

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