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Never Say Never

Living life with kidney disease from Victim to victorious.

A couple of years ago I learned I was at end stage kidney disease and would have to make life and death decisions. My book is based on changing my mindset from playing victim to becoming a victor. As I went on this journey, I wrote a book and began focusing on creating my new life.

Beth's Book

Never Say Never Workbook

Workbook and Journal for Never Say Never living with kidney disease from victim to victorious: Success path from victim to victor
Beth's 2nd Book (2023)

What Brand of Kidney Beans?:

My Love Letter to You
Be gentle on yourself. Learn to love yourself and life again. I hear you. You are not your disease or illness. I call it my “dis-ease”. This takes on a different persona. I believe that I am a spiritual being having a human experience. My body is my vessel that carries me around in this world. My belief is that I have this “dis-ease” because my body is not in harmony and balance due to my kidneys not working normally. Some people believe that illness of the kidneys represents “fear”.
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