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Listening is a gift and also can be a powerful healing tool. Did you know there are many ways to listen to someone that can improve your relationships and in business? When you choose to listen you are not listening to hear but listening to respond when the speaker talks. True listening is when you listen to hear and not to respond. 

One can listen in  many ways. You can even request that the listener listens to you in certain manners. Listening with brevity is clear and straightforward with specific facts in summary without dragging the story out with extra fluff. 99:1 is when most of the time the speaker is not talking about you. Most people focus on themselves. Have you ever been in an arena with a speaker who is talking to a large audience? You may think he or she is speaking directly to you because you connect with their story. Listening with empowerment is when the speaker talks while holding the space with empowerment. Acknowledgement  is  recognizing the speaker which inturn can give power to the speaker. Listening with your intuition is using  your “gut” and intuition gives you a lot of information. Feeling complete with the conversations is when the conversation feels complete and you can move forward from that specific conversation. Coach action is when you stop any drama; being effective and efficient in the conversation and yet also being flexible. Being heard requires clarity by the speaker and stillness of the listener. Clarify what you heard by repeating back what you thought you heard, therefore the speaker clarifies again.

Understand the personality of the speaker when you are speaking to them.

Is the person that you are speaking to a factly person and they wish for all the details and facts?

Is the person you are speaking with a creative person who appreciates going with the flow and is generally a creator as an artist or musician? After speaking with a person you may sense that they are all about the party and just like to have fun. Is the person either male or female and when they speak are speaking with a femine or maculine style? I will speak to this style in the next little bit. These are just a few styles or ways of communication with masculine or feminine energy. Female energy is generally nurturing, pattern mentoring, self definition, relationship oriented, intuition, loyal, partner, appreciated, expression, empowering,and  needing to be heard. Male energy is power, providing, problem solving, career and job, play, procreate, and pleasure.

With this information how do you believe you are listening to the speaker and what are your personality types? Think about what you have learned so far and how you think that you can bring this new information to your awareness when you are having a conversation with a person

I hope that this information supports you with your relationships and in business. If you truly listen to someone they will feel heard and your sales will be enhanced. As you are listening to people they will tell you what they want and your sales should go up. Beth Badour

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