Trusting your gut

Do you trust your intuition? Maybe you call it your “gut.” Let me explain. Some folks make all their
decisions from their mind. Some people trust their intuition and some both. If you do not “sit” in
your body, then you make decisions from your head.

If one trusts their intuition, that person can feel it in the “gut” or somewhere in their bodies. It is
a sensation in your physical body. Practice trusting your gut and research what your intuition
says to you instead of relying on your mind.

Then you can take it to the next step with kinesiology. There are several ways to connect with
kinesiology. I will give you two ideas.

  1. Stand tall and close your eyes. Yes and no questions. Example should I eat a salad? Then stand tall and ask yourself, should I eat a burger? When you can learn to listen to your body, it will move forward leaning you in that direction for yes or backwards for no. That will give you your answer a salad or burger.
  2. Put your hands in front of you with one hand open and around the other. Now press out with inside hand and outward with the hand under the other. Then ask your question, should I buy the red car? If your hands move apart and open up, the answer is yes. Buy the red car. And if the hands clasp then it means no. You should not buy the red car.

There are many other ways to use the tool of kinesiology and those are just 2. Practice that tool. See what you find. Does that work for you?

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