What Do You Say to Your Body and Healing?

When it comes to what you say to yourself affects your body’s health, and your body listens. Let us say that you say things like “I am fat.”, “I am sick.”, I will never get better with this disease and it will always be this way.” or “Why me?” What do you believe happens to your body and your cells? It listens and believes what you speak about your body. When you say that you are fat and then it attracts the same over and over, so you stay at a heavier weight. The same goes when you state things like I will never get better with this disease. Your body and cells believe that thought. The end result may be that you remain ill.

I invite you to change your beliefs and say positive things to yourself. Examples could be… I desire to be a healthy weight and I love my body., I am healthy and getting healthier every day., I have a dis-ease in my body, and I am or I will have the possibility that I will get better., or instead of saying “Why me?” Say instead “How did this happen for me?”.

Think about this. Which thought and which statements make you feel better and more hopeful? There is a heaviness with the negative thought patterns and statements. However, when you relax into a positive thought pattern generally, I have found that you may feel at ease and peaceful.

My question and invitation to you is to research and practice thinking and being positive and observe how your body reacts. After 21 days, things become habits. When you feel better with uplifting thoughts along with saying positive things about yourself, it will support your body to heal. How exciting is that! 

By Beth Badour

Originally Published

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