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Have you heard about Dr. Joe Dispenza? Dr. Despenza has a very unique way of life and creating healing energy. He describes that he had a pretty bad bicycle accident and had learned to heal himself with this method.

Some of the exercises and modalities that he practiced were:

  1. Visualization:   Dr.Dispenza would sit and meditate about visualizing what his future looked like and felt like. He would describe it to himself in great detail.
  2. He would create the future and bring it to this moment believing it was true in the here and now. The brain and what it believes is happening is about how one feels in that period of time. His work speaks to the energy and frequency that you are living in.
  3. Then he would act as if it was happening in real-time with the feeling and emotions that go with it.
  4. Dr. Dispenza teaches how to shift your awareness beyond the limited, predictable material world and move into the quantum field of the infinite.

Dr. Dispenza speaks about Quantum physics and how it relates to the present moment and creating your future. All matter is vibration and frequency of energy.

There is also a connection between the heart and the brain. In 1991, neuroscientists made a discovery that the heart has sensory neurites, that are specialized cells that are brain-like cells. They think independently from the cranial brain. From this, we learn there is cohesion between the heart and the brain.

These are just some of the methods and tools that one can use to heal. There are many many more to learn about and practice and experiment with what works for you and your body.

Beth Badour

Originally Published

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