What are the Possibilities?

Think about this…. How many times in life have you stopped yourself from moving forward with a plan or goal or even a dream because you limit yourself? So many of us have “ negative self talk”. We stop ourselves from moving forward with our vision even before we start on our journey. Can you relate?

Now see how this feels to you. Instead of saying things that 1) That can never happen., 2) I can not do that.,3) I am not smart enough or 4) I do not have enough time, money , knowledge etc.

Try this on for size. Say things to yourself such as 1) I can make that happen., 2) I can do that., 3) I am smart enough., 4) I do have an abundance of time, money and knowledge.  See how that can make you feel more positive and empowered.

Practice transitioning from saying negative things to yourself. First recognize when you hear yourself saying negative things. Then correct them. Say the opposite to yourself and think of the possibilities. If you can imagine it, you can create it. When starting to move into a new plan. A new journey or transition, start with small steps. Do not start with the big stuff because you will get overwhelmed. Once you begin the momentum will start for you. Things will start falling into place. You will meet people who will support you in your vision. Information will come to you more easily. Then it will start to propel you forward to give you more momentum in order for you to fulfill your goal and dream.

Surround yourself with people that raise you up and support you. Practice moving away from people that say to you things like “ Man, You are not being realistic .”. Negative people will bring you down. Stay clear of them. After a while those negative people will just fall by the wayside themselves.

Join a support group like a mastermind group to help you on your journey or hire a coach to facilitate your process. There is power in groups. You do not have to do it all alone. It takes a village. Especially as women, sometimes we have been taught by society we need to be independent and do it by ourselves. This is a myth. Do not fall for that. It takes a village.

When one creates their life it is time to think ‘ What are the possibilities?’. Create outside of the boxes we create for ourselves. Lift yourself up with positive thoughts . As Dr Joe Dizpensa teaches, create your future now. Begin as that person you wish to be in the future. Act accordingly. Let us say you want to be an influencer on social media. What would you need to be to make that happen? The saying goes Be, Do, Have. not the other way around Do, Be, Have. When you are acting like what you choose to be then you will start receiving what you desire. You must be authentic in your behavior and mindset. Do not be fake because the law of how this works will not happen if you act fake.

The possibilities are limitless and so are you.

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