Judgements about Our Life Experiences

Are you the type of person that judges your life experience as good or bad and reacts with your emotions depending on how you feel about these life situations? I used to be like that until I had some health situations and diagnosis that changed my beliefs. I will tell you that story and how I changed my beliefs.

In August of 2022, I received a new kidney. I was so happy and it would totally change my life, giving me more freedom and new opportunities. Unfortunately I had one transplant before this one and it did not work from day one due to either surgical complications or after the surgery when I was able to be mobile. That donor kidney I called “ Big Al” was unique and had two arteries coming off of it. Well, they just happen to twist sometime after I went into the operating room or within the first four hours after the surgery. This led to medical complications with that kidney and finally the nephrologists had to remove it. I continued to remain on dialysis for another one and a half to two years following receiving that kidney, Big Al.

This summer after the second transplant things went so much smoother and my facility where I received my new kidney, called “ The Game Changer “, was much more organized and easier to navigate. I felt better immediately after surgery and continue to heal extremely well. I did not listen to the doctors nor did I listen to the universe and started to go out of my house in public more than I was told to do so by the physicians.

During my stay at the hospital on the last day of my discharge to a family member’s home to care for me following my surgery, I lifted something and tried to place it on a cart on the bottom shelf. I lost my balance and ended up in a squatted position leaning forward and securing my left hand on the floor to rebalance myself. It was only four inches from the ground when I placed that hand on the floor but it stirred up and old injury of my rotator cuff that I had surgery to repair a tear of the muscles on that shoulder years ago, Well I ended up about three weeks later at an orthopedic doctor’s office and was given the news that I needs a total reverse shoulder replacement.

Then I still was not listening to the universe or the doctors to stay put at home besides attending necessary doctors visits etc. About six weeks out of surgery I ended up falling in a public parking lot and was given another diagnosis of a compression fracture of my lumbar spine.

In order to stabilize my spine I had to wear a brace on my torso and still wear that brace until I have the next doctor’s visit. The newest x-ray report shows that the fracture is healing well. All of these events had me change my belief system. Some folks would be saying that I had bad luck or that they would consider this a bad experience. I chose to experience these situations in my life as simply experiences, not good or bad experiences. Believing this way saved me a lot of grief and suffering. There is pain in life and then there is suffering. Pain in our body giving us signals that there is an imbalance and that we are out of harmony with our bodies and our environment. Suffering on the other hand, is what can develop when we add our emotions and memories of past experiences to having pain. Pain can also be physical, emotional, mentally or spiritually just not physical pain.

My belief is that I am a spiritual being having a human experience. An aha moment was when I chose the path and journey of accepting that I was having a human experience and there is so much more to our stories and history. All matter has a vibration and as humans we are able to vibrate at different levels. Over the years of having many experiences I chose to believe that “The Universe is always for me”. This gives me clarity about my life’s experiences. When I believe the universe is for me, then it takes away some of the pain and suffering. It is kind of like the difference between happiness and joy. Happiness depends on something outside of yourself that has to occur and your emotions attached to the experience. Joy is pure and it comes from within the body. An example of pure joy is observing a child play and smile.

Practicing choosing my words carefully to bring forth the experience that I wish to have in life has also been helpful to me in creating the life I desire. Meditation and positive thoughts are two other tools that I use. As Dr Joe Dispenza teaches, I research and experiment with changing my awareness of creating in my body and mind that I am experiencing in this very moment what I want in the future. I will give you an example. I see myself on large stages around the world teaching and speaking about changing your life from feeling like a victim to being a champion in your life. When I meditate I see myself in that space so I hear the sounds that I wish to hear; feel how I think I would feel in that situation; notice what fragrances are around me; discover what I will observe around me and what type of people could be in the audience.

When I feel the sensations in my body as if they are happening in the present moment, my brain does not know the difference between the now and the future. I repeat this process several times a week. This
is using the law of attraction.

Another thing I am practicing is using kinesiology to support me in my life. My body gives me information and it supports me to navigate through life with the ability to flow with life and to discern my actions and behaviors. You may learn more about these techniques of kinesiology on the internet.

In ending this conversation, if I did not go through these health related situations in life I may not have received the knowledge and wisdom that I am sharing with you. My biggest takeaway is that I have human experience in my life and I practice not judging myself or the circumstances as bad or good. What I focus on is what can I learn from this situation. For me it was mostly that I was receiving information from the universe to stay home and I did not act in this manner even when I slowed down. I also learned how important it is to be aware of your environment. I fell after I was coming home from either the drug store or the grocery store and decided to stop to vacuum my seats in my car since I ate in my car and there were crumbs all over the seats. The parking lot had many areas where the pavement was not stable and broken up into pieces. I twisted my ankle and went down so hard on the pavement I fractured a vertebrae in my back.

If you want one-on-one help with this, please see information on becoming one of my transformational life coaching clients.

Beth Badour
Kidney Goddess

Originally Published

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