Create the life of your dreams with your magic wand

Are you at the point in your life that you dream about changing your life experience and ready just not the dream about it and take action? Get your magic wand out and let us get to work. I wish it was that easy. If you continue to just dream or just make goals but do not constantly work towards your goals, it will never come to fruition.

First let us start by sitting down and be quiet with yourself. Imagine what you desire your life to look like in the future. The next step is journaling your answers or answer. After you write them down you may join in your conversation and share what you created. What could you do and not get paid? What did you love to do when you were a child?

If this picture is clear to you, begin to write about the sensory experience of that life you desire.

First state what that life is, then break it down to:

  • What does that feel like and what are your emotions?
  • Who is in the picture with you? People that will support you to make it happen.
  • Want sounds you hear around you. For example: Lots of noise with people chatting, or nature sounds or maybe it is quiet.
  • What types of clothing are you wearing? Your style.
  • What types of food do you eat in your new life?
  • Where do you live? Be as specific as you can?
  • Is there anything on your person or around you that you enjoy feeling the material?

The reason it is so important to identify specifics is so you can plan and work towards that specific experience. The more vague you are you may not get what you think you asked for because you did not define it or feel it. If self sabotage statements enter your mind around this illustration, stop and breathe. Then create the opposite. Example. I am not smart enough or I do not have enough funds to do this, instead say to yourself “I will learn as I go long down the road to my dream life and I will have people to support me. Next when you say you do not have the funds, tell yourself instead “ I live in abundance. Abundance is all around me. Money comes to me easily and often.

Then the big question is “ What if I do not know what I desire, I just know I am not happy with my life now.” Were you able to answer some of the questions above and journal about it? If you have some idea of your goals or desires you can start there. If you are drawing a blank because of the idea of changing your life and having some dreams there is hope. My next question is do you know your life purpose; have a hobby you enjoy; remember what you enjoyed and made you happy as a kind? You can begin there. There is no right or wrong. The idea is to begin to design your life and if you find you do not like the direction you are going ,you can always change your mind and redirect.

Once you have a list of what you desire for your future it is time to make a plan and create it.

Start with one thing you wish to change or develop. Start with small steps so as not to be overwhelmed. If you have one big dream and plan, break them down into smaller steps. Think about what are little easy steps to move you forward to the next step. If you have an accountability bud that may support you to stay on track and talk it out with the other person especially if you get stuck somewhere on this magical journey. Keep breaking those steps down till you feel like you should start there. One thing that may support you to stay on task is to get an organizer or calendar. It can be a hard copy or on the computer whichever works better for you.

When you can create the ideal image in your mind, start thinking about this more and more. Make it a habit. In the morning before you get out of bed, meditate on it, then when you go to bed , do it again. The more you repeat the exercise the more it will feel real.

As you are researching, experimenting and practicing these exercises people may comment negatively about what you are doing and speak it out loud to you. Set your boundaries. Do not allow them to get you down and second guess yourself that it will never happen. What if you get on your deathbed and you never tried these tools and it did not happen. How would you feel? Then embrace this practice and hang in there to see just how powerful you are.

When you start to create the life of your dreams you may notice the same people you used to interact with no longer come around. That is ok. Find your new tribe that supports you and your vision. It might make you feel uncomfortable at times as you go through this adventure of change however do not give up and give in. You are right on track because you are stepping out of your comfort zone. Speak the dream into existence.

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